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fma_stillness's Journal

full metal alchemist icon challenge
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Maintanier: inu109
Co-Maintainer: inugurl1391
Mod: hehehefunny

Hi and welcome to fma_stillness~ a Fullmetal Alchemist Icon Award Community!!
All members of the community are able to participate. Icons are limited to any image from the anime or manga and cannot move. Fan art will not be accepted. Your submission must also be hosted by your own server - please see LiveJournal's FAQ for more info on how to host your images (Photobucket is an excellent free image server).

Icons must be:
- no more than 40 k in file size
- no more than 100x100 pixels in dimension
- be no more than 10 days old at time of submission
- meet the criteria of the current theme. It can not move though ^^

- Do not advertise your icon. Meaning, don't get your friends, family, pets to vote for you. This allows for a fair competition and gives everyone an equal chance to win. Participants are also allowed to vote for their own icon one time only(mainly only you and the mods will know which icon is yours)
- Lastly, all submitted icons should not be used/posted/shown to the public during the theme to which it was submitted to until after voting for that week is over. Entrants' journals are checked at random to check for this and violators will be given a warning. If not resolved, the entry will be disqualified.
(taken from fma_chorus with a few tweeks for the specific community
Submission and Voting Info:
Submissions run for a week long (normally) Icon makers have from Sunday night or Monday morning till Friday Night to get their icons in.. Voting begins Friday night till Sunday night.. please do not vote for your own icon!! ^^

Week 27 inugurl1391
Week 28 kizzmon
Week 29 inugurl1391
Week 30 kizzmon
Banner Makers:
Week 26 sky_dark
Week 27 tsukitaichou
Week 28 ivyleague
Thank you all banner makers!! If you are interested leave a comment!!

[Weeks 1-10]
[Weeks 11-20]
[Week 21] Seven Cardinal Sins Winner inugurl1391&context
[Week 22] Tiny Text Winner guardianmars
[Week 23] Costume Winner frakalakalaka
[Week 24] Color Winner inugurl1391
[Week 25] Faded Winner paynesgrey
[Week 26] Episode 3:Mom... Winner kizzmon

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